Each power tool has an accompanying Tool Safety and Operations Checklist that must be completed by both the teacher and the student prior to the student using the tool on their own. Lead-up exercises are provided that allow students to become familiar with the tools prior to using them to build projects.  

Student may be eligible for advanced placement in the UBC’s more than 200 apprenticeship programs throughout the country. Students who do not choose a career in construction will still benefit from the Career Connections Program. The student’s will improve their skill levels in math, reading, critical and creative thinking, teamwork, and problem solving. These are skills that will serve students well regardless of the career path they choose. 

Because much of the learning is hands-on, students are engaged and active throughout their time in the program. Lead-up exercises give students a chance to practice and gain confidence in the use of the various tools before using them on a project. The Virtual Shop shows every project in Project Book 1 and Project Book 2 being built virtually so that students can follow along. Each chapter in Project Book 1 and Project Book 2 have three projects that teach the same skills, giving students an opportunity to learn those skills without having to rebuild a project. 


Teacher support within the Career Connections program is very robust. Each Teachers Annotated Edition (TAE) contains notes and teaching tips throughout to guide you through instruction.  Lesson Plans, Grading Rubric and Evaluations, Safety and Operations Checklists, and Skills Matrix are all provided. Lesson Plans can be customized to meet the school or district requirements. A 1600+ Objective Assessment Question Bank is provided that spans all of the Career Connections program. The Career Connections LMS provides teachers with the opportunity to custom build their program using all the books in the program. A grade book, calendar, and badging are also available through the LMS. 

Perhaps the biggest support offered through the Career Connections Program is the Outreach Specialists. The Outreach Specialist are skilled in the various trades and have been trained to provide teacher support such as speaking to your students about careers in the construction trades, help in setting up your shop, guidance in using various parts of the program, and much more. 

Each of the projects are built with common hand and power tools. There is no need for large and expensive equipment with Career Connections. 

The Career Connections program has been aligned with many state standards. Check with your Outreach Specialist to see if this has been done in your state. If it has not been accomplished, your Outreach Specialist can help you with this process. 


The projects in the Career Connections program range from beginning projects like a tote box, foot stool, and kid’s BBQ table to intermediate projects like a skateboard ramp, portable folding work bench, and a playhouse. There are a total of 15 projects in Project Book 1 and 13 projects in Project Book 2. Project Book 3 Residential and Project Book 3 Commercial teach advanced skills using either a 4-sided mockup or depending on your school building a house or other structure.

A whole lot! The Career Connections Program will teach you skills that will serve you well, whether you decide on a career in the construction industry, or not. You will learn life skills that will help you be successful in any chosen field. Plus, the skills you learn through building projects will be skills you can use throughout your lifetime. And it’s fun, hands-on learning!